Finding Your Whimsy through Print and Design

Whimsy Rose™ Positively Disrupts:

Co-Creation and Personalization

We have just surpassed 850,000 individually printed garments! This from over 1300 individual designer prints from numerous diverse artists who range from seasoned textile fashionistas, to painters, to photographers, to creative family members with a flair for art and share an artistic spirit. Even more special in that all of this occurred without the fan fair of paid celebrity endorsement, major runway productions or PR firms.

Reflectively it happened by giving women something they wanted – better choice. Whether it was one of the hundreds of specialty stores who individually curate their store selections by picking prints on styles that appeal to their stores' merchandising aesthetic and ultimately their specific customers, or the online consumer who may be one of a handful of people in the world that now possess that exact same customized garment that matches their chosen unique print in their selected style.

Our experience with fashion, more specifically with prints and personalized all-over print design has taught us some key insights when it comes to engaging with our audience. We’ve discovered that more than ever, most female consumers, regardless of age, consider themselves to be creative individuals, surprisingly web-savvy and more empowered than ever before. Digital artistry combined with greater personalized consumer choice looks to be both positively disruptive and empowering. Typically, fashion and design influences are often inspired by both the street and the world at large. Then through mass marketing, runway shows, and large advertising budgets consumers are ready to be led down the manicured pathway of this week’s trend. When it comes to the world of prints and depending on which trend report you read, you will notice a common thread (no pun intended), but when you unravel that thread you may find there may be no individual trend at all, but instead everything is a trend that really depends upon where you look. With the democratization of the web, people can find virtually anything. If most trends originate from the street and today's digital street is the web, there really appears to be few if any rules or singular trends, but simply multiple options that you, the consumer, can select and accessorize to make your very own. When it comes to apparel, what we wear and looking beyond the utilitarian aspect of having to wear something at all, what do we really want? Self-expression; a desire to be seen or perhaps a desire not to be seen and to simply blend in. The point being made is that you get to decide what to wear, when to wear it and now more than ever, there are few if any restrictions or rules. While too much choice can occasionally be daunting, the lack of it is simply boring. "Invest in something that moves you," - is a phrase we have embraced over the years because it is not about the designer or the brand, it is about you. What truly surprises us time and time again, is when we ask large audiences of women to pick, for example, their top personal favorites, the results are usually not what we expect. We had expected something of a consensus but in fact, there is very little consensus, but more of a very long tail of personal favorites.

How and Why

As an apparel and print company, we built our model around being able to produce individual made-to-order clothing on-demand. From a design perspective, we continue to utilize highly diverse artists and graphic designers who work in multiple mediums from around the country and we digitize and customize their works for our garments. By way of our licensed patent and our all-over print system, we don’t produce multitudes of the same item, hoping it appeals to the largest audience possible, which often becomes boring. Instead, we take our cues from the diversity of you, the consumer. As you inspire us through your creative spirit we hopefully can help you to co-create something that truly moves you.

Find Your Whimsy!