Introducing our new Cold Shoulder Tunic

A top steeped in history

We find it fascinating to watch trends turns into classics. We saw it happen with the tunic and now we are witnessing the mass acceptance of the cold shoulder top, whimsically called the Peek-A-Boo top including all its cut-out cousins.

Whimsy Rose designers combined the cold shoulder and the popular tunic length which we have just added to the collection. Fashioned in our new Butterknit mid-weight fabric, you'll love it because it's modeled after our exclusive Buttersoft fabric but with a bit more heft making it more transitional in weight and making it the perfect top for almost any occasion – some might call it a “light-weight sweater knit”.

Whimsy Rose Cold Shoulder Tunic

Ever wonder where the cold shoulder look got its start? Designer Donna Karan devised the look first as a dress back in the 90's. As Ms. Karan so bluntly put it: "The shoulders are one place that is perfect on every woman's body. No one ever says, 'I have fat shoulders’”. The industry publication, Women's Wear Daily, panned it but then super model Linda Evangelista wore it. Then, Liza Minelli, while visiting Donna Karan's atelier in NYC, loved it, requesting that she convert it into a gown which she wore to the Oscars and the rest is history. What caught Miss Minnelli's eye was "how good the dress looks if you have broad shoulders, and how it gives you them if you don't have them”.

From where most women we know sit, the cold shoulder top gives the illusion of bareness yet covers the arm. For baby boomer women who feel that their arms are not their favorite feature, this look is the perfect solution!

As we transition into fall, the obvious question is, how do you make our top work for the season. Since every piece we make is to capture your very own whimsy, here are some things to consider as you create your top:

• For a more traditional approach to Fall, look for our neutral or darker prints.

• Be creative wearing them with shawls, wraps, cardigans or under jackets.

• Keeping outer layers in mind, a cardigan vest for example, pair with a bright print to let some cheer shine through.

• Keep in mind the Butterknit fabric works in warmer climes as well and can be just enough to take the chill out of the air when the A/C at your favorite gathering place is set to that of the arctic!


Find your favorite print from 100's and create your very own Cold Shoulder Tunic