Florals Galore + Channeling Your Inner 60's and 70's

Floral prints are very trendy this Fall. Sophisticated 70's florals, both delicate and large scale blooms, full coverage prints, vintage drawings, earth textures, hyperreal flower heads and closeups – but when one thinks prints, the 1960's always comes to the fore. From Bridgitte Bardot‘s beehive to Mary Quant’s geometric prints, every 1960’s fashion icon contributed their own signature style to the decade (a theme that continued well into 70’s fashion and beyond). It was the era of the girl group, the gamine supermodel and the original IT-girls.

The 60’s still provide designers of today with endless inspiration. These women were some of the greatest fashion influencers of all time. Fashion icon's of the era that stand out most include: Twiggy, essentially the face of the decade, Jackie Kennedy, the original fashionable first lady, Audrey Hepburn, silver screen & fashion icon synonymous with elegance and class, and Dusty Springfield with her big eyes, big hair and even bigger voice.

Many fashion traditions were broken, mirroring the momentous social and political changes of the decade. It was the era where no skirt was too short and no beehive too high.

The 60’s must be viewed as two distinct parts, the early years clinging onto 50’s styles and the later years exploding into the wild fashion frenzy for which the decade is remembered. Many fashion traditions were broken, mirroring the social movements of the moment. Psychedelic colorful prints and mismatched patterns were worn by the masses. Then came tie-dye, as well as paisley prints, courtesy of the hippie movement.

The 70's, like the decade before it, saw a drastic fashion change from the beginning to the end. Extremely bright colors were in high demand. As the decade moved on and the pant flares got wider and wider until the bottoms were full-on bells, fashion conventions truly broke down. Throwing random things together from your closet became acceptable.


Of course, no discussion of the 70's would be complete without the printed silk jersey wrap-dress – Diane von Fürstenberg created it, and the rest is history. 

Speaking of history, Cher released ten albums in the 70's and was simply everywhere with her ‘more is more’ prints. The floral-drenched prints from Laura Ashley made her brand a household name in the mid-70's. Finally, finishing off the decade, were the queens of punk; Deborah Harry and Vivienne Westwood – respectively for whom we have to thank for denim's resurgence along with smokey eyeliner and tousled hair, plus innovative, expressive clothing that people loved.

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